Post-Yolo: New Work by Jamie Owens

April 2015, The Midnight Brigade, Minneapolis, MN

Peoples Prayer Vending Machine (1 - 10), mixed media, 10" x 10", 2015


Bryan Doesn't Go Down, 4" x 15", Archival Collage, found item


I Think 2 Chainz Needs Another Chain, custom stereoscope, found imagery, and chains from my local gap, 2015


Art-A-Whirl Happens Only Once a Year, wood, holographic paper, 8' x 8' installation, 2015


Big Gulp (series), archival prints and found frames, various sizes, 2015


Treasure Chime, 2' x 3'. Archival transparent print, holographic paper, & acrylic mirror (aka this was extremely hard to document)