ObjectOrJuly 10th - 31st, 2014

Featuring: Nicholas Carroll, Zach Collins, Ellie Ganger, Chris Gasser, Matthew Novak, Jamie Owens, Daniel Smith, and Claire Victoria. 

Curated by Jamie Owens

To collect, modify, elevate, re-code and make visible. 
To stage again and phase between,

Art and the object.


Windows Ninety-Six, a solo bathroom installation at TuckUnder Projects,  June 26th - July 27th



Aberration, viynal inkjet prints, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

A collaboration with Claire Victoria

a characteristic that deviates from the normal type.
2. the failure of rays to converge at one focus because of limitations or defects in a lens or mirror.




LevelingFound and original paintings, manufactured pedestals, and 2,700 pounds of dirt.

In Leveling I raised the gallery space by 10ft. This action metaphorically buried the audience in the ground. 
In both conception and reaction; mortality, voyeurism, and the earth were consistent themes.