Pivots, Found imagery, ongoing

I take skateboard clip art and then edit out the board. 

8/4 - 2 more added. Pivots displayed reverse-chronologically.  

   Facebook Fanpage Banner (almost but I got scared) , digital tools  

Facebook Fanpage Banner (almost but I got scared), digital tools


But I have nothing new for you, squarespace

The above is my web-host 's warning display when you publish an online gallery page but don't add any images. I enjoy the word 'must' in this situation, very, very much.


Attribute Buff version 1.2, 471 x 600 pixels 

Play the music and see where the beat lands. / Super Saiyan in 3 easy steps /

7/29 --- version 1.2 uploaded. 13 frames added. 57 total.
4/15 --- version 1.1 uploaded.



Shot in the everglades of Florida.